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NOLTAnet:  have your devices

under control everywhere.


Where is my device and what is it doing?

NOLTAnet makes it possible to locate and monitor mobile devices such as drainage pumps. You can connect your devices to the NOLTAnet app using the NOLTAnet compatible motor protection plug and thus determine their position and status.


Depending on the application, runtime, operating hours or other information can also be transmitted.


You will be informed in the event of theft as well as errors or failures.


This reduces long and expensive downtimes, improves your maintenance planning and thus increases the service life of your valuable devices.


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How does it work?



The installation is very simple. You couple your NOLTAnet-capable motor protection plug using the serial number with the NOLTAnet app and you can immediately monitor all important information about your device. No complex installations or configurations are necessary.



The NOLTAnet app enables you to be informed about the current status of your device anytime and anywhere and to  react quickly in the event of an error. The device can be located at any time using GPS.



The status display shows the current status of the device, operating hours can be displayed in the desired time span. Push messages inform of problems, so you can react as quickly as possible in the event of an error.



NOLTA GmbH, located in Cölbe in Upper Hesse, is one of the hidden champions of German SMEs. The products of the world market leader are inconspicuous and nevertheless an integral part of the construction, pumping and manufacturing industry.


„At the end of the day, you only sell accessories,“ said a critical customer. You can see it that way. But if a device does not work at the right moment, it’s not an accessory, it’s a problem.


The products of NOLTA therefore provide, above all, an ease of mind. Safety based on decades of experience and the highest quality standards.

“Engineering made in Germany” is in demand worldwide and NOLTA offers exactly that. For example, NOLTA products are used on 90% of German construction sites where pumps are used.


With its subsidiaries, NOLTA is present in China, the USA and India. Commercial agencies are also present in Denmark, Austria, the Benelux countries as well as in Australia and Chile.

Über uns


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